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Comprehensive Cabling Solutions

Comprehensive cabling solutions provide a standardized management method for the communication lines (including data, voice, and video communications) of enterprises or institutions. This system adopts a unified cabling layout, covering the entire building or campus, to support various communication devices and services

Data Center Cabling

Comprehensive cabling includes elements such as copper cables (like CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7), multimode fibers, and single-mode fibers. CAT7 copper cables offer higher bandwidth and longer transmission distances, suitable for high-performance needs. Multimode fiber is suitable for short-distance high-bandwidth applications, while single-mode fiber is suitable for long-distance transmission. The system starts from the Main Distribution Area (MDF) and extends through Intermediate Distribution Areas (IDF) on each floor to the work area interface. Comprehensive cabling design considers long-term technological development, providing bandwidth for future communication needs.

Comprehensive cabling provides enterprises with a sustainable, efficient, and reliable communication infrastructure, and is an important component of modern building and facility management.



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