Telephone Exchange

Telephone Exchange

Digitalsystem offers business phone systems and telephone services. All cloud VoIP services include telephone service, and most customers will also purchase it. However, no matter which deployment you choose, we can choose the "bring your own" phone service, such as PRI, T1 line or VoIP service from other carriers. We take great care to ensure that our customers get the solution that best suits them.

Widely used in enterprises, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, supermarkets, finance, insurance, etc.

Application Scenarios

1. Improve the usage rate of the phone. Each office can be configured with an extension number, which can directly find the relevant personnel.

2. With computer voice, you can directly dial the extension number to save time and improve office efficiency.

3. Extension access control to further save on phone bills.

4. Some models can be used for real-time control of the program-controlled telephone exchange on the PC, and the bills can be queried in real time, suitable for hotels, hotels, hotels, etc.

5. It can automatically use economic routing to automatically use economic IP phones when making domestic and international IP long distance calls.

6. The manager secretary can easily filter out harassing calls.

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