Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Digitalsystem will construct a digital information system based on the actual needs of users, using intelligent building lines to construct a digital information system. It is a structured wiring system that integrates all weak current integrated circuit transmissions, providing information and intelligent material media for the office. Support comprehensive applications such as voice, data, graphic and multimedia.

It is widely used in the structured cabling design of key industries such as finance, retail, warehousing, communications, transportation, medical, education, and commerce.

Application Scenarios

1. Hardware devices must be compatible, and network devices should be purchased uniformly.

2. Wiring follows a strict management system to avoid risks

3. Anti-magnetic heat dissipation to ensure normal use of equipment and normal transmission of signals

4. Keep network access points to ensure scalability

Our Solutions

Campus star topology structured cabling design

Large enterprise network cabling solution

Hotel structured cabling scheme

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