Server Room

Server Room

The focus of the computer room construction is to meet the security operations of the core equipment of information automation and ensure the security of information interaction and stored data. Technologists have made tremendous efforts to prevent earthquakes, fire, static electricity, lightning, electricity and electromagnetics in data information centers and have produced a large number of scientific and technological achievements. The use of these achievements has ensured the daily mass of information and data. Safe operation to ensure the stable development of production efficiency and business performance of enterprises, factories and operating units.

Integrated Antistatic Floor

The construction of the computer room is inseparable from the basic construction. The stability of the ground and the prevention of static electricity are particularly important for the safe operation of high-precision electronic equipment. Frame with steel anti-static high-level ground floor, by the temperature and humidity of the impact of small, not easily deformed, fire wear.

Structured Cabling

The computer room is a distribution center for information and data. A large number of integrated wiring cables, optical cables, weak current control cables, and audio and video cables are collected here. Therefore, the wiring and organization of the computer room is very important, and where all kinds of cables come and go should be clear. The cable identification is clear, the lines are clean and fresh, and it provides a good environment for maintenance and maintenance, and also guarantees the safe operation of information and data. Room cabling needs a lot of finishing appliances ensure the cable falling into the sort of unified aesthetic style, so these unassuming little tool can play a role in the finishing touch system quote.

Distribution System

The central computer room's mains power and UPS power supply double backup to ensure the stable supply of power in the computer room, and standby lighting and emergency lighting provide reliable lighting requirements for the computer room. The UPS consists of a battery, an inverter, and a control circuit, which can provide high-quality, uninterrupted AC power for a limited time.

Fire Alarm System

The importance of fire protection in the equipment room is self-evident. The equipment room runs a large number of equipment. Fires caused by electrical fires and aging equipment and lightning fires are the key areas to prevent in the equipment room. It is not appropriate to use water spray or dry powder fire extinguishing system in the equipment room, which will cause damage to the equipment, so the automatic fire extinguishing system of the SFAA is needed . Smoke and temperature detectors should be set in the equipment room, gas release points should be set indoors, and sound and light alarms and gas release indicators should be set in the fire control area.

Lightning Protection System

The computer room should be equipped with a good lightning protection grounding system. When the power supply voltage and signals of the equipment in the transmission room encounter or generate various interferences, they can be filtered by high and low frequency filter capacitors. In addition, when lightning, A strong power source near the machine and a good grounding system in the equipment room when electrical sparks interfere can protect the equipment in the equipment room.

Air Conditioning System

The computer room air-conditioning system uses a high-precision air conditioner for the computer room, because it can not only control the temperature of the computer room, but also control the humidity. The precision air conditioner can control the temperature and relative humidity of the equipment room at plus or minus 1 degree Celsius, thereby greatly improving the life and reliability of the equipment.

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