Security Surveillance

Security Surveillance

Using optical fiber, coaxial cable and microwave technology, Digitalsystem has established a complete and scientific system from front-end image recording, information number transmission and background storage processing imaging and data management. It provides multiple applications such as full analog, analog-to-digital hybridization, and full digitalization. It is also connected to the alarm and access control system, which is suitable for various regional deployments. It can be performed in a single system or in a cascaded networking application based on overall business needs.

Widely used in enterprises, hospitals, warehouses, communities, shops, supermarkets, squares, etc.

Application Scenarios

1. Strengthen management of access rights

2. The system is open and expandable, can be managed uniformly, and supports different devices and parameters.

3. Adjust system storage, retrieval and backup functions as needed.

4. Secure information

Our Solutions

Enterprise remote monitoring system solution

General security surveillance program

School digital monitoring system solution

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