Today's warehouses are relatively large in area and relatively complex in structure. Therefore, more subsystems are contained in the low voltage system of the warehouse. The construction of the low voltage system is different from that of a general system. Digitalsystem will start from the customer's needs and combine the analysis of the actual situation, including technical design, products, information, environment, policies and other possibilities, to build a reasonable overall plan for the warehouse low voltage system tailored for the customer.

Public Broadcasting System

Background music, broadcasting and fire emergency broadcasting are compatible. By default background music will be broadcasted, while upon the occurrence of a fire alarm, the voice system would be automatically activated, the broadcasting system would switch to an emergency broadcast state, and the emergency accident broadcasting would be sent to all regions accordingly with the highest priority. Manual broadcast is also available to avoid the possibility of mistaken operations in a hurry

Video Surveillance System

To protect the personal safety of workers in the factory area and public activity areas, to protect the property safety of production equipment and other important facilities, to prevent man-made sabotage activities, and to obtain video recordings of incidents as soon as possible after accidents occur. Accountability provides strong evidence. On the other hand, the video surveillance system can be used in the daily production process of the factory to play a role in assisting production.

Information distribution system

In the normal production process, many information releases need to be notified to the employees of each production line in a timely manner. The traditional small blackboard must be changed and written one by one, and there is a large time lag. If you post posters, not only large printing equipment is expensive, other The cost is also considerable and the workload is considerable. The system we provide includes real-time release information such as rolling captions, pictures, weather, corporate promotional video inserts, live TV, etc. The terminal can be managed centrally or distributedly through the network. It supports fine-grained management of permissions and specifically divides permissions into: viewing, editing, scheduling, managing, publishing, etc. The employees of each factory line can view the factory production information through the LCD wall-mounted all-in-one machine, which can centrally and conveniently release important and unexpected content information, without the need for personnel to run one by one to update and release the content.

Structured Cabling

The factory building has a complex structure and numerous lines. Different pipe cabling methods are implemented according to different conditions on the site. When some production workshops have the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation, dust, noise, vibration, chemical reagents, etc., corresponding measures for preventing electromagnetic interference, rust, dust, oil, and water will be used , and product and accessory protection.

Access Control System

According to the area management requirements of the factory, the IP intelligent access control system provides the most ideal solution. Based on the factory 's TCP / IP network access control system, the production gates, main channels, management offices, equipment rooms and material rooms are used as access points. Factory employees enter and exit through access control cards and combine visitor management for temporary visitor management. In the system management center, authorized management personnel can carry out hierarchical and time-of-day permission management on the designated area. All employees can only enter the factory area by swiping their cards during working hours . At the same time, workers are prohibited from entering during non-working hours.

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