Parking Lots

Parking Lots

Digitalsystem has a strong development capability, support will improve the parking field efficiency, reduce labor, reduce lost charges. Most of the parking field is still using the traditional credit card, access control mode for the tickets, and the payment method is mainly artificial , greatly reducing efficiency. Intelligent Parking recognition technology is the core technology category has video license plate recognition do not , the ETC , the RFID remote identification, such as a Bluetooth remote identification, along with the video license plate recognition rate mentioning from, to and video license plate recognition free parking technology will be Mainstream.

Surveillance System

Surveillance system consists of a camera , control unit , monitoring devices , video recorders composition. Under control of the controller, the camera intermittently -like manner on Vapor vehicle path into the line and the image pickup signals to the monitor, manual monitoring the operation of the vehicle lane; while VCR working recording truck running vehicle information . When a car in the driveway blocked the police immediately and rescue organization, the protection of the car smooth channel. In addition, the camera also performs security surveillance on the parking garage to ensure parking safety. Control indoor cameras to monitor operators to prevent them from stealing money.

Management Software System

Recording stop time, charge calculation, parked car position, car vehicles image information, parking turnover, average access time vehicle data and provides a variety of data reports.

Anti-Theft System

Add a set of high code remote control to the parking space to work in parallel with the parking space detector. The parking space detector also has the function of watching the car. When the driver enters the parking lot, the remote control key is used to code the vehicle; when the driver is ready to go out of the garage to pick up the car, the remote control is used to decode the vehicle. If the car is not decoded, the alarm system works in conjunction with the surveillance system to prevent theft of the vehicle.

Exit Control System

When the car when the vehicles out of the library, the library vehicle detector sensor signal and notifies the host computer prompts operation for the operator is preparing the operation , the display automatically prompts on the machine recount drivers show the card or pay the ticket. If the user is fixed, then the driver card and draw a card to be the ticket inspection machine card , the billing is correct, explain door open, the vehicle out of the library. If a temporary user, the driver pay recount votes by the operator, billing, after fees, gate machine is turned on , the car vehicles out of the library . Car after the vehicle out of the library, gates machine automatic home.

Parking Display System

Parking display system by the parking detection device , the vehicle display position, the car field display lights, car position warning lamp, signal processors. In each of the car position detector is provided a device , the software management subsystem incorporating a signal processor, parking display will show the current optimal parking the vehicle position to the driver, the vehicle position is turned on and the warning lamp flashing light, guiding the driver to stop the vehicle . If the car library has no car -bit used, car -bit display shows not have spare car bits, no longer accept the vehicle into the library .

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