Digitalsystem the top development team using advanced technology to help your company improve office efficiency and quality of work, improve work quality and reduce labor intensity, allowing employees to work in a comfortable environment. In today's high-efficiency work society, the Digitalsystem team can help you realize the scientific management of office business automation and decision-making to enhance higher value information.

System Integration

We provide customers with multiple system integration services, including desktop cloud virtualization, enterprise storage servers, Windows server update services, QuickBook servers, corporate file encryption, VoIP phone services, SAP & ERP, and more.

Video Surveillance System

Office area surveillance enables real-time observation and video recording of personnel to facilitate the retrieval of images and evidence in the event of future occurrences without causing unnecessary losses. Users can monitor room or remote video surveillance, clear and intuitive understanding of internal staff office area dynamic information, accurate scheduling instruction may be issued when necessary, big big increase daily productivity.

Multimedia Conference System

The conference system includes telephone conferences and video conferences. The teleconference system is mainly composed of the following parts: a telephone communication system (program-controlled exchange PBX ), a teleconference server ( ctslVR ), a conference management module, a conference operator management module, and a database. The teleconference system adopts a modular design. We can flexibly choose from small to large scale in system configuration according to the actual situation of customers. The scale can be large or small and can be smoothly upgraded. The video conference system can be a company with two or more office locations to conduct face-to-face meetings through communication equipment and networks. The video conference system consists of a video conference terminal, a video conference server ( MCU, Multipoint Control Unit ), a network management system, and a transmission network.

Access Control Attendance System

Access control and attendance are the basic components of the enterprise's weak current intelligence. It has various functions such as personnel access, authorization, query, statistics, and burglar alarm security. It can also be used as personnel management, attendance management, and can be linked with any mechanical and electrical equipment products and control systems , Which not only facilitates the free entry of internal personnel or users, but also prevents outsiders from entering and exiting at will . We provide the installation of multiple access control attendance systems , including multi-door networked access control systems and single-door main machine access control systems; according to data reading methods, they can be divided into induction, password, induction + password; card type, card + Inductive, swipe + password; fingerprint, fingerprint + password (online and offline), etc

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