Implementation of Low Voltage

Realisation of projects with consistency, stringency, purposivity, quality.

Digitalsystem's low voltage team is committed to high-end weak current system integration engineering and product management. Digitalsystem's low voltage team consists of senior engineers who have been engaged in security system design, commissioning maintenance and structured cabling for many years, and can provide customers with one-stop solutions for consulting, planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance. We will conduct detailed and in-depth exploration of customer projects, detailed construction plans and process design, strictly abide by engineering standards, and strive to achieve a win-win situation in many aspects such as cost, quality and practicality. With standardized, standardized and professional service system, we ensure that our customers enjoy high quality, efficient and personalized services, meet the needs of different levels of customers, and realize the value brought by customers in use!


Low-current systems are the backbone of a company's IT system, and crucial to smooth IT and smooth operations.

Structured Cabling

Server Room Construction

Access Control

Security Surveillance

Why Digitalsystem?

Digitalsystem designs and installs customized smart solutions for weak current systems and offers high-quality maintenance and repair services.

Brand Power

Top IT service provider in North America, focusing on the weak electricity industry for 20 years.

Reasonable Low Price

Do not earn equipment prices, provide exquisite service and professional technology.

Selection Of Materials

Has a number of well-known brand equipment supply channels at home and abroad, only provide first-line mainstream brands.


More than ten professional and technical engineers, several professional weak construction teams.

After-Sale Quality

Professional service team 365*24*7 emergency response.

Business Process

Digitalsystem provides one-stop low voltage services based on customer needs and practices

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