Industrial Park

Industrial Park

current system integration engineering and product management. Digitalsystem's weak current engineering team consists of senior engineers who have been engaged in security system design, commissioning maintenance and integrated wiring for many years, and can provide customers with one-stop solutions for consulting, planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance. We will conduct detailed and in-depth exploration of customer projects, detailed construction plans and process design, strictly abide by engineering standards, and strive to achieve a win-win situation in many aspects such as cost, quality and practicality. With standardized, standardized and professional service system, we ensure that our customers enjoy high quality, efficient and personalized services, meet the needs of different levels of customers, and realize the value brought by customers in use!

Comprehensive Security

One-click linkage command , early warning and emergency plan, quick response and handling of emergencies. And through the perimeter protection and park video surveillance, video patrols, etc. to eliminate dead corners to ensure the safety of people and things in the park.

Street Light Control System

Park lighting often includes landscape greening, road lighting, building flood lighting, and square lighting. Different types of lighting requirements are different. The park's lighting control system needs to meet diverse lighting requirements. The park lighting monitoring cloud platform can integrate different types of lighting into a unified system platform for centralized management . When night comes, usually, holidays Day , an important event date will automatically turn on the lights of different scenarios , to meet different occasions lighting needs .

A Cartoon Management System

Park managers, assigned to enterprises and visitors, etc., with a smart cards on behalf of a person's identity, the identity can be achieved in the park to identify , parking field management, access control, security Patrol a cartoon feature. Park, a cartoon system can provide a more secure, convenient and comfortable for the user work environment .

Environmental Space

Through effective management and control of the park's space resources and environmental conditions , it will improve the efficiency of environmental space utilization, enhance environmental comfort, and promote the sharing and value-added of space resources .

Structured Cabling System

The Structured Cabling System ( SCS ) includes all the necessary cables, wires, and related equipment and instruments to provide services from the network interface to the workplace's information outlets or any communication equipment within the customer's facility. This system provides a structured, systematic method for establishing cables within a building, including cross-connects and socket connections , and establishes standards. Structured cabling is also a smart, easy-to-manage network infrastructure that supports applications such as sensor error drive technology , Wi-Fi , and cloud computing .

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