Digitalsystem has strong integrated development capabilities, can tailor-made customized services for you, become a comprehensive upgrade of hotels, and enhance brand and intrinsic value. The hotel's efficient management, energy saving, excellent guest room experience and fast and convenient service are our best choices for our customers. System integration and optimization of the whole process, to build a more fluid interaction mechanism between hotels and customers build a complete smart hotel scene, to achieve truly intelligent hotel management. The system includes guest room control, scene management, hotel PMS , and energy management.

Hotel health programs to energy consumption sleep as the core, the integration of multi- section intelligent hardware to build the whole scene closed rooms intelligent management, to help upgrade the hotel's services. To achieve precise service, efficient management, and energy saving, the hotel brand can be upgraded with the help of smart hotel solutions to increase profits and generate revenue.


Real-time surveillance of guest rooms and public equipment, real-time reporting of equipment fault locations, customer service to respond to maintenance as soon as possible;

Interaction Management

The hotel's customer reservation and guidance and settlement through the hotel's intelligent management system allows customers to get fast and convenient services without trouble, so that customers have a feeling of nostalgia and perseverance , so as to obtain a continuous source of customers to ensure stable room occupancy.

Smart Sensing

Human movement, indoor brightness, noise, temperature and humidity, air quality detection and linkage control; scene control: ambient lighting, bedside light control, one-click interaction and preset perception of each scene.

Hotel PMS Services

Diversified interaction methods, guests grasp the hotel's ancillary facilities , SPA , meeting guests, shopping, ordering food and laundry in the first time . Not anywhere service allows passengers who get home of noble feelings;

Safely Control

Access control, identification, smoke alarm, security alarm provide customers with a safe and comfortable home experience;

Room Service

Guests can enjoy multiple room services with one click, and all hotel departments can respond immediately;

Smart Sleep

Detection of guest room environment and automatic adjustment of lighting, temperature and humidity in the whole house in accordance with the sleeping environment ;

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