Global Engineering

Global Engineering Service Category

IP network
Transmission network
Wireless network
Network security
Server & storag
System & virtualization


Professional services

End-to-end technology solutions that are fit for purpose

Our designes are created to:sign services

1.address customers' requirements the best technical solutions

3.Ensure vendor independent systems integration

Our design services contain these approaches

1.High Level design

2.Low Level design

3.Proof of concept

Installation services

1.Site survey and planning

2.Racking and equipment mounting

3.Structured cabling

Configuraiton and commisioning

1.Configue any components specificed in the low level design

2.Integrate systems and networks


1.Plan migration activties and procedure

2.Implment smooth migration with minimum impact


1.Conduct hardware UAT test

2.Perform functionality UAT test

Project management

1.Plan and manage projects by global team

2.Ensure project deliverables

3.Assure customers' expection

We’ll help you turn IT challenges into meaningful outcomes.