94% of business claimed saw an improvement in security

after switching to the cloud.

DigitalSystem Cloud

The DigitalSystem Cloud enterprise cloud platform provides users with IaaS solutions. Based on OpenStack, DigitalSystem Cloud provides enterprise customers with work orders, billing, reporting, multi-level permissions, and other functions in addition to providing basic computing, storage and network-related functions. Control, visual orchestration, enhanced management interface, App Center and other functions to meet the needs of enterprise management and monitoring of infrastructure resources. In addition, DigitalSystem has developed suites for big data, database, container orchestration, hybrid cloud based on OpenStack cloud platform.

DigitalSystem Application Center

DigitalSystem Application Center is an application management and delivery platform for application service providers and developers. It supports multiple application orchestration frameworks and leverages cloud platform infrastructure resources to provide one-stop application online, deployment, operation and management, help users choose the right application to support their business.

The importance of cloud native applications

Competitive advantages

Rapidly building business and delivering quickly to respond to customer needs will give companies the edge to dominate the market.

Developers work at their best

It saves developers the overhead of writing code for running and extending, allowing them to focus on writing code that delivers customer value.

Coordinate operations

By automating IT operations, companies can transform into a focused lean team that aligns with business priorities.

Value-added services

Bare device management

Solve the mixed management issues of physical and virtual machines

Visual orchestration

Provides orchestration templates for 1-click deployment of infrastructure resources.

Multiple permissions and quotas

Easily handle multi-level sub-accounts and quota management.

Billing and reporting

Set billing policies for different areas and resources, apply timings, adjust billing policies.

Service high availability

Eliminate single point of failure of the management plane and ensure stable operation of the platform.

Enterprise work order system

Support multi-level approval / process tracking / to-do transaction reminder / upload attachment

Resource monitoring and warning

Support custom alarm policies, and accurately grasp the running status of cloud resources.

Backup and recovery

Supports volume snapshot, remote recovery and other technologies to provide data backup protection.

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