Speed is the key to business success.

And cloud native development is the key to repeatable speed.

Cloud native development platform

Help developers quickly understand cloud native technology, help enterprises achieve the consistency and ease of use of the development test environment, and quickly improve operational quality and delivery efficiency.

Master the cutting-edge technology of the new generation of the Internet.

Container technology has become the new standard for cloud computing. Breaking the technical barriers of traditional application to cloud native applications, allowing developers to easily use container virtualization.

Ensure consistency between development test environment and production environment.

More and more companies are practicing container technology in the production environment. From the first line of development, the cloud is native, reducing the risk of heterogeneous environments and heterogeneous applications.

More flexible way to test microservice applications.

Traditional application architectures are increasingly unable to adapt to the scale and changing requirements from the client side. Future-oriented application architectures need to fully address network-scale business updates.

One-click installation, fast and lightweight.

Very low hardware requirements and technical requirements, no need for dedicated operation and maintenance, suitable for all IT staff, it can even be installed on a low configuration personal computer with one click.

We’ll help you turn IT challenges into meaningful outcomes.