Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop is a convenient and safe virtual desktop service on the cloud provided by Digitalsystem Cloud. It supports fast and convenient desktop environment creation, deployment, unified management, control and operation and maintenance. No prior hardware investment is required, helping you quickly build a secure, high-performance, low-cost desktop office system. It can be widely used in financial, design, video, education and other fields with high data security management and control, high-performance computing and other requirements.

Our Benefits

Low Cost

Digitalsystem Cloud Desktop Virtualization Solution can greatly reduce our desktop management costs in the following aspects: centrally running the user's operating system in the data center and performing unified management and maintenance on it, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance costs of IT managers.

Easy to use

By using the Digitalsystem Cloud Desktop virtualization solution, IT managers can easily manage tens of thousands of end users from a centralized management interface. Simplified key IT processes, such as provisioning, connection brokering, policy enforcement, performance monitoring, and application allocation.


Administrators can flexibly and dynamically assign access capabilities to users based on their roles and company policies; through background configuration, users can obtain the services they need according to their needs, and at the same time, they can cancel their access capabilities at any time.

High Scalability

Under the premise of reasonable architecture design and sufficient hardware, the desktop can be quickly delivered to the user; when the hardware is insufficient, just add a new physical server to the resource pool.

Application scenarios

Short-term use scenarios

Short-term outsourcing, intern, exam-certified companies and institutions

Able to solve the data without falling

Effectively respond to short-term and temporary desktop needs

Create leases flexibly on demand and flexibly respond to short-term needs such as outsourcing, interns, and examination institutions


Application scenarios

Data security control scenarios

Confidentiality requirements for corporate data and design information to prevent leakage

Able to solve

Data does not fall

The data is stored on the server side, and there is no retention on the client side to avoid unauthorized copying

Display protocol encrypted transmission

Desktop content display is only transmitted at the pixel level through the protocol and is encrypted


Application scenarios

Scenes of branches in multiple locations

There are multiple office locations scattered all over the place, and the single location is small in scale, such as the offices of large enterprises in various places, large retail chains

Able to solve

Desktop maintenance and support is difficult to guarantee

Desktop centralized management and control, can easily manage desktops scattered around

IT asset management difficulties

Replace traditional PCs with virtual desktops to easily handle IT asset management issues everywhere


Application scenarios

Design, drawing, video scene

In the field of professional design, a desktop supported by GPU is required, and at the same time, there are higher requirements for collaboration and protection of design results in the design process

Able to solve

Demand of professional software for GPU

Provide high-performance GPU desktop to meet the needs of professional graphics and other software

Collaboration in the design process

High-performance NAS storage facilitates design collaboration, and services such as HPC can render modeling results in time

Protection of design results

The security of the data without landing, effectively avoiding malicious copying of design results


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