Anti-Theft Alarm System

Anti-Theft Alarm System

Digitalsystem uses domestic advanced detection and processing technologies, such as infrared, microwave, infrared microwave composite, vibration, smoke, gas, glass break, ultrasonic and other technologies and high-quality equipment to use scientific wiring capabilities, designed and improved anti-theft alarm system, mainly involved The project is: perimeter prevention alarm system, commercial site prevention alarm system, intelligent community alarm system, emergency alarm for enterprises and institutions, passenger transportation hub system and so on.

Suitable for a variety of environments: home, business, business, factory, etc.

Application Scenarios

1. Centralized control, large system capacity, complete preventive functions.

2. Follow the principles of advanced technology, application, complete functions, stable performance and cost saving.

3. Comprehensive consideration of construction, maintenance and operational factors.

4. There is room for expansion for future development, expansion, transformation and other factors.

Our Solutions

Enterprise anti-theft alarm system

Perimeter induction alarm system solution

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