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What’s SD-WAN

SD-WAN (Software-defined WAN), through the use of virtualization technology, application-level policies and overlay networks, achieve two purposes:

1. Comprehensively utilize multiple shared or private links to enable common links to achieve dedicated line network quality, reduce traffic costs, and increase bandwidth.

2. According to the current network situation and the configured policy, the optimal path is automatically selected to achieve load balancing and ensure network quality.

Control plane

Data level

SD - WAN Advantage

High transmission quality

Intelligent dynamic routing automatically selects the best transmission path according to transmission requirements, and has WAN optimization, which can repair WAN packet loss

Critical application protection

Protect critical applications by setting policies to ensure that they can obtain sufficient bandwidth and meet SLAs

More secure access

use AES-256 combined with asymmetric key algorithm to encrypt control and business traffic, and have corporate firewall, IPS, URL filtering, and DNS monitoring functions to ensure that services are not attacked

Short provisioning cycle and rapid deployment

Connect each node through the Internet or 5G, and combine ZTP technology to achieve second-level provisioning

WAN autonomous and controllable

Through traffic engineering and network segmentation technology, users can organize the WAN architecture more quickly and autonomously

Centralized management of intelligent operation and maintenance

intelligent dynamic routing and routing automatically selects the best transmission path according to transmission needs

Flexible expansion

rapid expansion of new nodes, no need to configure node by node

Save corporate costs

Save WAN leased line costs and O & M costs

One-click cloud

support mobile cloud, AWS, Azure, break the traditional way to connect to the cloud

Applications of SD-WAN In Different Industries






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